Tennessee Takes a Major Step Forward In Support of Unborn Lives

(Nashville)   After years of concerted effort, Tennessee pro-life legislators and supporters were finally able to bring a 2011 policy to legislative permanency.

Governor Bill Haslam signed the Title X Prioritization Act today prioritizing public monies to be appropriated to public health departments for family planning programs, instead of funding private non-profit organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

ProLife - Baby Silloet“The Governor’s signature on the Title X Prioritization Act makes permanent the policy of his administration which has been to prioritize tax-payer dollars for providers of ethical health care over those who promote and profit from abortion,” said Cathy Waterbury, spokeswoman for Tennessee Right to Life. “Tennessee is a better state as a result of the Governor’s principled pro-life leadership.”

The pro-life legislation was sponsored by  state Representative Bill Dunn (R -Knoxville) and state Senator Jack Johnson (R-Franklin) and passed with bi-partisan support in the Tennessee General Assembly, by both the House (74-15-1) and the Senate (25-1-1).

Numerous grassroots groups worked in supporting this effort, while the state’s oldest pro-life organization, Tennessee Right To Life, stood firm with principled leadership, working diligently to insure that the Title X Prioritization Act became codified.  We encourage you to support their work here.

Please join Red Nation Rising Tennessee in thanking our legislators, and congratulating the results accomplished by working together.


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