Collusion Against We The People

Memo - Top SecretStanding on a chair and declaring, “Oh Captain, My Captain” may get lost on some, too young to recall, but Robin Williams role in “Dead Poet Society” was the last time many folks had even heard about “Secret Societies”. Based on real experiences of it’s writer, Tom Schulman, it was inspired by a combination of real teachers at Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, TN, who compelled those being groomed for society’s conforming, upper crust expectations, to think for themselves, and carpe diem.

So here we are today, again talking about “Secret Societies.” This time within the FBI, DOJ and DNC. Where did they get the idea that it was even plausible, let alone OK, to meddle in our country’s elections? Well, this might be an unpopular thought, but… because WeThePeople gave them that impression:

When WMD proved to be a lie, I thought WeThePeople would rise up.

We didn’t.

When Snowden revealed that massive NSA surveillance had been illegally conducted upon US Citizens, I thought for sure, the ppl would be furious.

Not so much.

When governmental overreach started affecting products, commerce & free markets? Oh yea, surely that would draw the ire of the people.


When the Secret Service started setting up “Free Speech Zones” to criminalize free speech? I thought, oh yea, here’s where American’s will draw the line.

We didn’t seem to notice.

Then comes the dawn of a new weapon upon the citizenry, wherein every single time someone disagrees, God forbid, they are suddenly labeled an un-American. They are compared to Stalin, or Hitler. Now we even have sitting Congressmen & women labeling large swaths of citizens as, “Russian Bots” in an effort to marginalize & silence them.

“God Bless America?” – O*M*G, you religious, zealot, bigoted, racist!

“Climate change disbelief?” You should be criminalized & prosecuted! And, do we need to discuss how government, is using the very education of our children to overreach into the communities, let alone the family unit itself?

We stand mute.

Those in administrative positions of the United States Government, using their power to relieve the Constitutional Liberties from our citizenry?

Crickets chirp.

The media. Do we really even need a paragraph on that? The very “news” that we consume is tainted and skewed. We all know it.

Murmerings, at best.

And God forbid anyone speak out to challenge it. The people will throw a “tin foil hat” or “snowflake” label on it and dismiss it outright.

If anything, WeThePeople have been wimps. The message we’ve sent is, ehh, we’re cool with it all. Never in the history of America, has a collective of generations allowed their government to get away with so much, in their name.

WeThePeople have been so busy fighting amongst, and against, ourselves, that we’ve created the very environment, wherein those who are groomed for the “secret societies” felt not only the power, but the very permission, to subjugate our most basic of constitutional freedoms… The vote.

the vote box

Pause. Think about that. It’s serious.

An attempt, by those within our government, to circumvent the vote, is unconscionable.

You want a fight? The *vote* is it. There are no other liberties to relieve you of, past that. That’s the line…. whether you realize it or not. That, unfortunately, is exactly where we are.
The storm is here. Today. In America.

American citizens have declared that they refuse to live under the oppression, bred by the cloak and dagger, of a feared government. The Bill of Rights insures that the very institution is “of, for & by the people” and it’s high time we remembered that and stand firm.

That is why it matters. The single most basic freedom we hold dear … the vote … that’s why it IS “Bigger Than Watergate” and liberty is at stake for #WeThePeople.

Reprinted with permission:
Grace King at:



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