These Are Dangerous Times

RNRTN via Joe Carr

The Communists falsely accused their enemies without evidence. So did the Socialists and the Fascists. Now we have mainstream elements of the Democrat Party employing these same tactics.

The point of this analogy is a social and political comparison of similar times in recent human history. When the social/political elite have the ability to define who is guilty or innocent based on an accusation, then the rational for the “ends justifies the means” is too easily extended to the targeting of your enemies to necessarily include a whole class of people. This is a cornerstone of how a self appointed favored class of people come to power. Just like the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the Social Democrats (Nazi’s) of Germany and the Fascist of Italy they all rose to power by capitalizing on the emotions of a few by targeting the innocent with baseless accusations. The #MeToo movement has been hijacked by the extreme elements of the liberal progressive elite whose only goal is the transformation of America into a socialist state.

credible – adjective; able to be believed; convincing


Caution - proceed right
These are dangerous times and America needs to be careful.

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