Pot Meet Kettle…

Hmm, did I read that right?

“An allegation standing alone is not necessarily sufficient to conclude that conduct occurred,” the Democrat report clearing Rep Keith Ellison concludes.

Well, alrighty then. There ya have it folks. Nothing to see here. Oh, wait, doesn’t that cut both ways? Well, one of reasonable mind would think so, yes. But then, we’re not exactly living in reasonable times, are we?

You see this is political war. All out gamesmanship is in play, and the Democrats have brought there “A” game. The Establishment Republicans, on the other hand, not so much. They seem to be operating under the theory that if they give an inch, then Democrats will view it as an effort of bi-partisanship & not try to take the mile. It’s that mode of operation that upset Mainstreet America enough to go “all in” for Mr. Trump on election night. And frankly, the Democrats haven’t gotten over it! To the contrary, their anger has the ‘heat of passion’ seething behind it.

If you’ve read the report, produced by an attorney with the Democrat (DFL Party) then obtained by the Associated Press, then I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. After all, if your reading this, you’re presumably a grown adult, capable of formulating points of view without someone trying to tell you what to think, right?

We all view these cases thru the prism of our own eye. Our life experience shapes the way view it. So let me share the perspective I come at this from. It’s not one of partisan politics. It’s one of working in the Courtrooms for the better part of my adult life.

I take fairness and justice very seriously. My viewpoint is shaped by working for criminal defense attorneys during the era of “if he’s black, it must be rape”

In the matter of Dr. Ford, I can’t say if she has or has not survived a sexual assault. But, if what’s been presented, including her own testimony, is what we’re to rely on, then there is NO way in hell I would allow a man’s life to be forever ruined, based on such flimsy, “correct my own written words” testimony. Particularly when you factor in, the fact that they were both teens, almost four decades ago.

Likewise, if we’re to rely on what’s been presented in Ms. Monohan’s situation, while she certainly presented some corroboration, it’s not sufficient to destroy anyone’s livelihood. Unlike Dr. Ford, however, she did present enough to have probable cause to investigate the matter. However, there is reason to doubt that she would cooperate, for whatever reasons, you can surmise.

So given the current state of political gamesmanship, and the fact that Democrats are not interested in lending any “bi-partisan” inches, there is really no reason for the Republicans to continue shifting left.

It is sad that Dr. Ford has seemingly been played by her Representative, her attorneys, or whomever else, for their own agenda. They clearly did not look out for her best interest, or the interest of due process and fair play.

It is sad that her own attorneys failed to meet a standard of representation for her interests, in failing to advise her, succinctly so that she clearly understood that the Judiciary Committee were willing to fly counsel to her to question her in private.

It is sad that, as testified, Dr. Ford operated under the good faith basis that her identity and story would remain anonymous, in sharing her story with her Representative, and that Senator Feinstein would turn it over during the FBI vetting to be considered. Instead Sen. Feinstein’s office withheld the information, then allegedly outed her, without notice.

Likewise, it’s sad that Kavanaugh has been abused thru this process. Clearly he is due the same respect, and will be just as forever damaged as Dr. Ford in this sideshow frenzy.

But what’s most sad is, none of this was the people’s business. Neither Judge Kavanaugh, nor Mr. Ellison’s defense of themselves is of issue to the people. Except for ‘juicy copy’ it just isn’t. Nor has anything been presented, on either matter, that should preclude either of these gentlemen from the positions they seek. Innocent until proven guilty is suppose to mean something in this country. We’d all be wise to remember that, even if ‘political theater’ won’t… lest we all start down a slippery slope.

Sheila Jackson Lee - Ford attorney
Meanwhile, it’s time to look at that which *is* the people’s business: What on earth was Sheila Jackson-Lee passing in those envelopes to Dr. Ford’s attorneys, on the floor of the Senate Judiciary hearing?

Why was Senator Feinstein, (D) accosting Senator Murkowski, (R) in the Senate hallway?Feinsteing Bully

Is this the way United State’s elected represent the people? Is this suppose to be indicative of the “better healed minds” of reasonableness?

If this entire spectacle is the indicator of how we the people are being represented, then we’re in big trouble here. The ‘pot meet kettle’ has run a muck and hypocrisy is ruling the roost.

God help us all.


Reprinted with permission:  Follow @GracieNunyabiz

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