Cheap Seats Scorecard

AOC says, voters/citizens are just “watching from the cheap seats” … so let’s do just that.  Watch, eyes wide open.  Here’s today’s Scorecard:

By: Grace King, Friday 3/8/19

1.) Just so we all on the same page: A Somali Refugee turned Citizen and Socialist Democrat is comfortable enough to engage in repeated anti-Semitism. Congress responds by passing a resolution that condemns “hate” and manages to work in Charolettsville, Islamophobia… basically everything BUT the Congresswoman’s Antisemitism (she, herself, vote FOR the resolution – that should be a hint there). And she’s gonna remain on the Foreign Intelligence Committee – for which, her security clearance hasn’t even been vetted & has been called into question.

2.) I have now found agreement with the ACLU, not once but twice in the last month. (That speaks volumes for the state of our Union)

3.) AOC, who didn’t even make it 100 days in office before being hit with money laundering complaints before the FEC, has now incorporated herself & set up a “grassroots organizing & training community” … in IA, of all places.
(what does this virtue signal?)

4.) Speaker Glen Casada (God Love Him) must be one hellova hard dude to work for because his COS makes waaay more than even a Congressional COS.

5.) In case you missed the heads up last week that it was time to start jumping up and down and raise hell … H.R.1
(Refer to as the Dem Candidate Protection Act) **HAS** passed in the House. God help us if it passes the Senate because it WILL bestow voting rights upon Illegals along with encroaching on State Rights.  Congressman @TimBurchett comments here.  Meanwhile TN’s Secretary of State Tre Hargett points out the unconstitutionality of government 6:1 government match of political contributions to campaigns.
(ACLU opposes, btw)

6.) Lastly … that ole nugget that is stiiiiiilllll on everyone’s plate … the FBI/DNC Collusion shindig. In case you wasn’t paying attn the first round:

Glenn Simpson’s sworn testimony provided that he never spoke to anyone at the FBI about Christopher Steele or his dossier “during the election” (left)

Bruce Ohr’s sworn testimony provided that he spoke with Simpson in “August of 2016” about Steele. (right)

Both of these statements can not be true. So who’s lying and why?

Collussion - SimpsonCollusion - Orh


Yup, hellova view … from the “cheap seats.”

Cheap Seats

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